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North Shore Investigations, Inc


Criminal Matters

When a person is wrongfully accused, that person's life can be destroyed.  Aside from being arrested based upon another person's skewed view of an incident; co-workers, neighbors and friends can make judgments and draw conclusions based upon rumor and conjecture.  NSI can help bring the truth to light.  Our private investigators, after conducting an intake interview and learning the facts and circumstances, will then canvass the scene for additional information.  Independent witnesses will be interviewed, photographs taken, and all interviews with the victim or other individuals involved will be recorded. These actions will accurately be reported back to you, the client, and then through your attorney, to contest the allegations.  The facts are the facts and they can not be changed. However, the District Attorney doesn't usually look for witnesses that will hurt the prosecution's case.  Let us conduct a fair, non-biased investigation of the incident.   Let us obtain the facts that need to be found.

Family Cases

NSI can help with the often diverse and complicated Family case.  These types of cases, whether it be an unfaithful spouse or a Dead Beat parent, require a professional approach as well as discretion. 

Dead Beat parents can be found and made to follow a court-ordered support schedule.  North Shore Investigations has an excellent success rate in locating individuals in these matters. In most cases we will also provide a detailed listing of various assets.

If you think your spouse is having an affair, let us be your eyes and ears.  Surveillance is an art and should be left to the professionals. Our surveillance teams are professionals. We conduct these operations with ample personnel and a variety of vehicles so one investigator doesn't stand out.  Our reports will include a daily time sheet as to the subjects whereabouts and activity, motor vehicle information on his associates and photographs, if obtainable. Most of our surveillance team consists of retired NYPD-HIDTA-NARCOTICS Task Force individuals with a career's worth of experience.

Personal Injury Cases

NSI can investigate any facet of a Personal Injury case.  As clients of the Plaintiff, NSI will document unsafe conditions at the site of the accident, interview witnesses and secure photographs.  As clients for the Defendant, NSI can ensure that the injury claimed is in fact a true injury.  Surveillance as well as an inspection of medical records are tools that can be utilized in either case.


Background Checks

In order to secure the proper information for your new hires, a complete and thorough background check is paramount.  A client's personal safety or the safety of the client's loved ones could be at risk.  Let CSI provide you with the information you need on any new hire, whether personal or professional.



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